QuIC-ConCePT Research

Imagys was founded by telecommunications and imaging experts, and we understand how the use of imaging in clinical trials can decrease costs, accelerate timelines and help improve the probability of success.

A division of Keosys, leader in medical imaging and communication systems for nuclear medicine (NM, SPECT/CT & PET/CT) and radiology (CR, CT, MG & MRI), Imagys draws on extensive technology and expertise from Keosys' strong team. With over 5 years research and development invested in innovative medical imaging solutions for clinical trials, Imagys was launched in November 2009 using advances in internet-based technology and security to simplify and revolutionize the clinical trial process for any volume of images.



How to contact us?

1, impasse Augustin Fresnel
BP 60227
44815 Saint-herblain cedex